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LDPE60 hot melt adhesive powder

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Production scale advantages: Scale advantage: It is the largest HDPE hot melt adhesive powder production base in China, with an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons.
  • Raw material advantages: Established long-term and stable cooperation relationship with four suppliers of South Korea's LG Chemical, Lotte Chemical, Shandong Qilu Petrochemical and Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical.
  • Production technology advantages: The production process adopts fully enclosed, internally homogenized series production, systematic dust collection, low loss and no pollution. Patent number: Z1201220487513.6.
  • Quality advantage: The quality of the product is stable and has good fluidity; the particle size is normally distributed, and it is not easy to bleed. The particles are approximately spherical under a microscope, without fibers, and the quality completely reaches the advanced level of similar foreign products. The interlining cloth produced by this product is bright and uniform, has a good feel, has excellent resistance to dry cleaning, water washing and sand washing, and has strong adhesion.
  • Price advantage: Our factory is near to raw materials suppliers that saves production costs and transportation costs.

Product Details

Hot melt adhesive powder has excellent resistance to dry cleaning, water washing, sand washing, and particularly good adhesive strength. It is an activated carbon filter, automotive interior blanket, color masterbatch, plastic coating of steel pipe lining, fabric lining, non-woven The preferred material for adhesives for interlining and composite fabrics.

Applicable substrates: nylon cloth, high elastic cloth, cotton cloth, chemical fiber cloth, TC, shoe material, knitted cloth, suit collar, shirt collar.

Characteristics and application of LDPE hot melt adhesive powder

LDPE powder hot melt adhesive has a low melting temperature and good fluidity after melting. It is mainly suitable for women, children's clothing linings, shoes, hats, non-woven linings, and activated carbon filter elements.

Type: LDPE60

Appearance: White powder

Particle size(μm): 200-550

Melt Index(190, 2.16kg)g/10min: 48±5

Density(g/m3): 0.920-0.922

Melt point(℃): 103-108

Bonding Temperature(℃): 130-140

Particle size distribution:

<50μm: 1.05

50-100μm: 4.1

100-150μm: 12.1

150-200μm: 24.65

>200μm: 58.1

Apparent Density(g/m3): 0.32-0.36

Purpose: Powder milling, automotive interior trim

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