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Zibo CHICO HDPE and LDPE hot melt adhesive powder

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With an investment of 120 million yuan and an annual production capacity of 50000 tons, CHICO is the largest HDPE hot melt adhesive R & D and production base in China, and its production scale and market sales volume are in the forefront of the same industry. The sales accounts for more than 67% of the domestic market. We export to Germany, France, Belgium, Turkey, India and other countries.

At present, we mainly produce HDPE hot-melt adhesive powder (PE200, PE200LR, PE180, PE160, PE80 etc.) and LDPE hot-melt adhesive powder (LDPE200, LDPE60), etc. Products are widely used in clothing accessories, transfer printing, hot drilling, reflective materials, zipper cloth adhesive composite floor bonding, building materials decoration, gift packaging, automotive industry and other fields.

HDPE is divided into PE200, PE200LR, PE80, PE160 and other models. Mainly used in automotive interior parts, fabric interlining, non-ironing fabrics and non-woven fabrics. Among them, PE200LR was jointly developed by our factory and the earliest interlining manufacturer in China. It is used for ironing-free fabric products and has been purchased and used by a number of interlining companies at home and abroad.

LDPE is divided into two models: LDPE60 and LDPE200. Mainly used in fabric interlining and automotive interior ceiling manufacturing.

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